What is the bail?
Any magician knows that in order to get, first you have to give. And the bigger and stronger the victim, the more and more you get.

Giving bail is such a sacrifice, only without depriving the victim of her own life. Unlike sacrifice, in which the splash of energy is incredibly strong, but the effect is fleeting, the bail provides constant feeding of spirits, and has lasting effect.

For example, witches and sorcerers used to give their descendants as the bail to the power that supported them, in exchange of youth and health. Life was thus prolonged.

The vital energy, will for life and luck were gone from the bail person. As a rule, the bail could not and did not want to continue their family, finding a couple. This happens because the spirits take away all the energy that should go to the continuation of the family, and feed with it. Such people did not die, but their existence could not be called life. It's just presense without much achievement and results.

Sometimes, the sorcerers transfered their or their clients diseases, on the bail person, as well as magical attacks of competitors (in the villages sorcerers lived far from peaceful and did not shy away from crushing the opponent).

That's how a girl lives, there's no way for her to get married, no body, no face. Hair is brittle, nails gray, skin rippling. Every year all dimmer and gluz, and the mother with the grandmother are younger and more beautiful, and have lots of admires.

And if suddenly the girl will marry, she will not get pragnenet, and if she will - the fetus in the womb will die, and if it does not die - will also be alive in the bail to rot.

Often in witchcraft, there were whole branches of laid relatives, who were barely allowed on the doorstep, and if they were let, they would sleep in the canopy on the bench. And in the daytime they would do the hardest work and eat out of the bowl after everyone else has finished.

They also put into bail fools who wanted to get something from the hands of a witch or a sorcerer for free. You have to pay for everything...

Only the sorcerer can snatch from the bail. The sorcerer who is not only stronger of the bail giver, but also of the spirits that eat up the bail.