Color out of space ENG

Recently I watched the film based on the favorite Howard Lovecraft Color of Other Worlds and highly recommend it to all eager knowing how magic works or more precisely the impact of another world on your perception of the environment. Of course, the directors didnot do a good job with the ending, but believable in everything.
Ancient never liked us) Sometimes I think that some of the practitioners are representatives of other worlds here, like Naryahlkhtotep traveling through different worlds, and the Gift is just a burn with the energy of materialization with which man begins a new journey of incarnations.
It took me more than 3 years to understand this prohibited culture. There is a great potential for work with time and opportunities. But it all comes with the price. Price of your life... Entering the body energy of the ancients creates an impressive euphoria and results and while you enjoy it as a fly in the drug penitin the end comes suddenly and instantly ) It was necessary to dig into the sources and learn that the ancients used it for the instant accumulation of strength and knowledge, but it was necessary to escape in time. To do this, the 101 on Marduk was studied) It is very well shown in the film.Although I do not think that everyone will understand ) because the main thing in coming here is not only your spoils, dislike, and lack of money from your own laziness and stupidity ) Some like moderators are able to change the life and foundations of entire nations and countries)
What else surprised me? I liked a lot the practice of cultivating any skill or experience) by offering to the young child, not as you think my bloodthirsty -man devoted to them and gained knowledge, which at the right moment got a lot of new, for example, when adding scenarios cabbalistics can grow different situations tightly intertwining them with the fate of the person and very useful and not so much. Did I get burned? Of course) it took me a year to come to my senses but also never forget that enchanting euphoria that is really well displayed in the film ) , but I lived this lesson and do not regret, now of course I rarely use this archetype except for percussion work and now any attempts of accasional attacks cause a sarcastic smile and pity to the great magicians) In general, good practice is not for everyone !.!.!. In general, it resembles a very JC, only more thoughtful and evolved.