Correspondance between Genes and Tarot
During the winter, in Hanover I was approached by a woman whose brother had Down syndrome. She asked if it was possible to change this situation. It is difficult to say for sure - because more fundamental knowledge is needed and not only in medicine (although I had already had experience working with time in order to postpone oncology) ... If it is possible, of course, within the powers of this incarnation. Later, during some other works, I took a closer look at the table of human chromosomes - what a wonderful alphabet. Sometimes it seems to me that our whole world is built on graphics). Even more interesting was my discovery that there is a correspondence between the chromosomes (i.e. the Genes) and the Tarot Arcanes. There are two spirals of DNA. It is known that the Houses of Life used binary codes of plates to the diagnose and architecture life circumstances - for example 4/5,0/9 - purification. So this knowledge is much older and is a part of a huge control panel of the world. And of course it is not available to all, otherwise the universe would collapse from half-wizards and other morons with runes and cards in hands and cloaks) ... The problem of this woman's brother is in the 21st chromosome and we know that at excess Arcane 21 creates negative change of universe. This makes sense. The 5th chromosome and its set responds to the recipe and the correct mixing of proteins to build out an embryo, peculiar right? With a problems in the 6th - there is a propensity for diabetes, and 1st is the richest chromosome with a reserve to implement ) 17 - death ) the process of accumulation and cutting off the old and the transition to the new. It is known that some Arcanes are missing and the last in the tail of the DNA determines person's gender. Maybe these two plates of men and women are missing. In other words, what we call now "magic" used to be a pivotal part of ancient civilizations and worked hand by hand with medicine and science. There is a lot of work to be done in this direction. I plan a lot of test within the various traditions, that are available to me, to access these scenarios and are extremely excited about the ancient knowledge and how skillfully they are hidden and even if found -without keys every rabble does not have access to them. Vivo!