How to create magic spaces.
Creation of magic spaces.

Perhaps many of you know that the energy of space affects people. And it is so powerful that it can fundamentally change a person's life, distorting or vice versa correcting his fate. The secret to space is that its energy catches the assemblage point of a person who is in this space located and shifts it into layers of reality, corresponding to energies of this places. To the world where the source of power of this place is located .. And it is often happens that this not Midgard at all. Spaces can be powered from Hel. Niefelheim Svartelheim, Vanaheim ... from any world. In this way arises, what is called a portal.

Of course, there are places of representation of some worlds. Cemetery - Hel Representation, and some sacred mountains - representations of Asgard ... Caves and dungeons –Representations of Swartelheim. Such portals are created by nature - and no person can change them. They are called places of Power.

Sometimes a person himself builds representations of the worlds in the form of temples, religious constructions - in the case of Asgard. Art galleries - in the case of Alfheim, museums, police stations - as a representation of Nifelheim. You can do this on a smaller scale, not so clearly. But no less effective. These techniques are called techniques for creating magical spaces. Magical spaces can be created very different. Giving a resource that attracts finance, or hiding something.

So, for example, my students received a task to create a little hiding space in a crowded place and leave something valuable there. For example a bill. And the next day, check the result. Many found the bill remained in place. But you need to remember that work with space - very energy consuming. It requires a lot of energy from the operator. Therefore, before you want to master these skills. You need to create a place of Strength in your home. For this you need your chair or armchair. The stave will need to be applied on it:
✔ Rune Ingus - as an energy place where the Strength come to.
✔Rune Fehu - as a resource portal for wealth
✔ Runa Uruz - as a door opening into a place of vital energy, health.
✔Runa Vunyo (Vigna, Vunyo) - as a key to the door to the world of joy, positive emotions
✔ Soul strengthens your will.

1 You depict the Ingus rune. It will collect all the flows together and give upward flow for your magical space.
Say: rune Ingus creates an energy-information space harmoniously including me in the biocenosis and feeding me with resource states wealth, joy, health and will.
Biocenosis is a historically established set of people, animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms inhabiting a relatively homogeneous life space
2. Draw the Fehu rune (I hope I don't need to explain why the subsequent runes are drawn clockwise) Say: Rune Fehu saturates financial energy in this space.
3. Draw Uruz.The Rune Uruz stipulation saturates my magical space with vital energy, healing energy.
4. Draw Wunyo. Say: Runa Wunye saturates my magical space with positive energy emotionalities
5. Draw Soul. Say: it nourishes my magical space with energy strengthens my will.
6. Draw the second big rune Ingus saying - This space works on me (name), for me (name), for the good of me (name), my mind and body. Everytime when I enter this space I recover, stabilize the emotional background, strengthen the will and financial channel.

Stav works from now until the burning of the medium.