How to use runes and whether we know their meaning
It is generally believed that Dagaz is a transformative. However, many do not reveal this concept, because this concept is very broad and in fact should be accompanied by some more qualities/runes, otherwise there will be a sea boundless and fields endless ...
So, transformation is the transition of one quality to another, one state to another, etc., i.e. a certain transition, a different level, form, etc.
The first rune - Fehu, the rune of incarnation from unreality to reality, the rune of something material, and the final rune - Dagaz, when the path is passed, development in a given program is no longer possible because the end, the system and resources have exhausted themselves (hint to Arkan World). Moving to a new phase of development
Dagaz resembles a butterfly still, which has postponed, its "cubs" should die after fluttering, and before that it was a caterpillar (as an example of transformation), and, let's note that the caterpillar is completely different from the butterfly, but will become so, the caterpillar is different form, a different forage base, a different way to move, etc. the data is completely different.
Dagaz is day and night, or rather a transitional phase.
Dagaz is something in shape and hourglass that has flipped or are ready to exhaust themselves and be inverted
"God forbid we live in an age of change" - to paraphrase Chinese wisdom.
Yes, it is not easy sometimes to live in a period of transformation, when the old and familiar (odal) should go to collapse, and the new has not yet come, but kind of like the old habit promised..
Day is the Lord's Messenger, dear to people
the great light of destiny is happiness and hope
prosperous and poor - all for the benefit (of joy).
(Anglo-Saxon runic poem)
It is the hope for the best, the promise of the best, the beginning of the best.
So what awaits us in September:
Health: the return of old, chronic sores, and those who suffer from already sickness - a chance of healing, as Dagaz can talk about the aggravation of the psycho. She's a mother, who as usual, if she does, will not let go
Business - though the rune of transformation, mo can just describe (I judge only by my feelings, I have the right) - stagnation, a certain stupor, and based on bad information and planned miscalculation
Love - carrots and other root vegetables - unrequited love or "I cry, and it's all gone"
Or maybe in vain expectations "the menopause is approaching, but Herman is all gone"
Taking off pink glasses, and terribly hurt
Tip - do not be discouraged, oh how banal, but here I will give a hint - sometimes we are too tired to come ... to the finish line.. Dagaz is the finish line, you have to be ready to open a second breath well or just open something from champagne to textbook, maybe even by logic.