Look exclusively for your own kind!
Look exclusively for your own kind! And, as always - distinguish between!

Do not believe that someone "can be changed." The pig will find its swamp anyway. And you will find yourself in the mud, including you. And getting out of it is simply no time.
God forbid, do not "raise" and do not "lead" - for: "you cannot" teach ", you can only learn" If a person does not have the necessary savings, he did not make them because of the meager number of incarnations or the worthless living available today in lifestream - nothing will "open" and nothing "will be understood". You'll also be "guilty" and then remain that they say "they dragged poorly" and, as it turns out, "didn't give anything" ... This is at least. As a maximum, such "followers" will generously pour over all the dirt and blackness that exists in them. Do you need it ?!
Remember how in the Right times wise parents looked for a couple and picked up a circle of friends, rather than allowing them to "get acquainted" anywhere and anytime? Later, like everything in humans, this great parental destiny, of course, was distorted to the exact opposite of the original form and task ...
The well-known Khayyamovskoye "What hit with anyone ..." because from the great Wisdom ...
Do you need now, at such a time, especially in the remaining few years, to "tie up" with wandering to the very opposite "pole"? What for? Do you need to be upset when the undeveloped dark still does not understand anything? There is such a phrase - NOT DONE. Please understand this. Well, a person doesn't need "downloaded programs and files" (for perceiving, practicing and performing the subsequent correct action) necessary for harmonious contact and communication, moreover, for comprehending the Higher Concepts, which are obligatory, so why bother with him?
Are you intelligent? - Do not mess with those who are not able to speak correctly and unreading. Not willing to learn. Are you a real esoteric and the Transition has penetrated into each of your cells and leads your Soul? - work on your new world together with like-minded people, not allowing "drunken people" drunks with their fictitious "significance" boors; they'll go over any "palace carpets" with their "dirty boots" and it's a shame, believe me, they won't. NOT GIVEN.
Do not waste time, do not scatter on the "creation" of someone's "happiness" and someone else's "evolution". The result will be one - INCREASE YOUR NEGATIVE KARMA. Do you really need this? There is a Great and at the same time simple Law of the Universe - "EVERYTHING AT YOUR TIME. WHO IT NEEDS IS ALREADY WITH THIS. " Point.
Do not "shout" and do not "suffer" later on from the consequences of your "calls." Do not violate the Law "Like to Like". Be patient, continue your Path and at a certain, very soon time, you will go to the "Crossroads of Seven Roads", where you will meet people like you. Without. The smallest. Artificial. "Effort."
Rejoice with the Intelligent and do not be upset with the near. Build with the Light and do not delve into the dumps of consciousness with eating "garbage." Enjoy with sophisticated, developed, dignified, enlightened and avoid humanoid "ball". THE WORLD SHARES - confidently keep the course ONLY ON YOUR SIDE! Don't be distracted by pulling you back to their "garbage dump" native to them ...
CHOICE * is now a key concept and a key ACTION. You can and in a number of special cases should help the needy in your word and action. But distinguish between a "special case" and an attempt to lead you off the Path, hang a dead weight on your neck, distract, redirect your energy flows to clarify relationships, ... to help the "dark sufferer", thereby taking away your resources for the Transformation to be worthless. Even in cases where the dark "tool" "does not know what is doing." Believe me, he has a great knowledge of what they are "doing" and consciously using his "leaders". And it's not easier for you from his criminally participating, irresponsible "ignorance"!
Just LEAVE the "dark ones." Just don't bother them with your attention. A lot of honor! Do not be afraid to REFUSE meetings and conversations. Leave them WITHOUT their invaluable Knowledge and your Light, without your unlimited Tolerance and yours, which took upon themselves their troubles of the Heart. Leave them alone with their kind - they will teach them. In another way, they do not know how and can not learn - you only waste what YOU NEED IS YOURSELF so hard earned before on a sieve of their empty souls.
Wait for YOURS and drive those going in the opposite direction. So that "by chance", convincingly convincing them of the necessity of the Light, and trying to "save" them, not to go by themselves in their stream FOR THE DARK SEPARATION of Light and Darkness ...
Author - A. Ibragimov