Magic powder
Proven practice

Powders have long been an integral part of folk magic. They consist of ground herbs that emit energy when they are sprinkled with something.

Powder is a fiamia that is never lit, it is a sachet that is not worn on itself.

Making powders
Rub the herbs as finely as possible.
To save time you can buy herbs already in the grounded, but in this case you deprive yourself of the opportunity to get in touch with them.
Grinding grass - during this long process - imagine yourself ... Imagine your magical purpose. There are energies in the grasses and in ourselves. If we do not charge powders, phymies or oils, if we do not carefully program them to fulfill our magical purpose through visualization and concentration, the mixtures will have little effect.
Once herbs are gorunded, stir them, recharge them, your powder is ready to eat.

Using magic powders
The easiest way is to scatter it where you need its energy. Other methods are also quite accessible:
Sprinkle the powder, forming a circle around you, starting and ending in the east and moving clockwise. Sit inside the circle and soak up the powder's energy.
Those who work with crystals and stones can add powders into rituals. Sprinkle the appropriate powder around the crystal (or crystals) lying on the altar to enhance its action.
Sprinkle the powder around the candle before it is lit, to increase energy.
Before the rituals, pour the appropriate powder on the altar.
Pour the powder on the altar in a special way to use it as focal points in the visualization process: protective powder - in the form of pentagrams; love powder - in the shape of a heart; spiritual powders - in the form of a circle.
It's okay if the powder retains a form for a long time.
Your imagination will tell you other shapes you can create.

Powder for astral travel

2 pieces of sandalwood
1 part wormwood
1 part cinnamon
Sprinkle on sheets and pillow before bedtime to excite consciously directed astral journey.

The powder for expelling evil spirits
3 parts basil
2 parts incense/frankincense
2 pieces rosemary
1 part of the millennial
1 piece of rue
Spread around the house or anywhere that needs strong cleansing and protection.

Happiness powder
2 pieces of lavender
1 part catnip
1 part oregano
When you want to cheer up, pour this powder in the form of a circle on the floor or on the ground and sit inside it, absorbing the energy of the powder. Imagine how these energies surround you with joy.

Health powder
2 parts eucalyptus
1 part myrrh
1 part thyme
1 part Jamaican pepper
Pour into the patient's bed or in the recovery room to speed up the healing process. Or pour on the altar and light blue candles.

Love powder
3 pieces of millennial
3 pieces of lavender
2 parts pink petals
1 part ginger
Use to attract love. Sprinkle between sheets or scatter it in the bedroom.

Powder of Destiny
2 parts of vetiver
2 parts Jamaican pepper
1 part nutmeg
1 part of the air plant
Use to bring positive changes to your life.

Cash powder
2 pieces of cedar
2 pieces patchouli
1 part of the satiety
1 part ginger
To raise money, pour the powder into your office or wallet. Rub it into money before you spend. Or pour the powder on the altar in the form of a $ sign and light over this symbol green candles.

Prosperity powder
3 parts sassafras
2 parts cinnamon
1 piece of pine
It is used to attract wealth in all sorts of forms.

Protective powder
2 parts of dragon blood
2 pieces of sandalwood
1 piece of salt
Mix and sprinkle outside around your property to protect it from adversity.

Protective powder No.2
2 parts wormwood
2 parts incense/frankincense
1 part dill
1 piece juniper
1 part of cumin
Sprinkle where you need protection, indoors or outside. For personal protection, fill the circle and wait inside it until you are energized by the herbs. Do this procedure daily to recharge with protective energies.

Powder psyche
2 pieces of millennial
1 part pink petals
1 part lemon sorghum
1 part of the head
Sprinkle before practicing the natural subconscious.

Spirituality Powder
2 parts wood aloe
1 piece of incense/frankincense
1 part myrrh
1 piece sandalwood
Scatter in the room before meditating or religious rituals to direct consciousness to higher matter. In addition, pour the powder in the form of a circle, and put blue candles in the middle for the same purpose.

Desire powder
2 pieces of sage
1 piece sandalwood
1 part dipterix
When alone, take the powder in your right hand (if you are right-handed). Feel his energy and clearly imagine your desire. Lift the energy within yourself and point it to the powder. When the energy pulsates in the powder, throw it as far as possible. When the powder touches the ground, it will release energy, and your desire will begin to come true