How to trigger karma of money
Almost every person has an idea of how much money or material goods he should have. And almost all reality does not coincide with expectations, as a result of which there may be feelings. As the Russian proverb says, "one soup is liquid, and the other has small diamonds," but both experience roughly the same.

It must be said that, despite the lack of money and material goods for most people, this idealization does not always appear. Idealization of money and material goods arises when a person is immersed in various kinds of experiences, based on dissatisfaction with his existing material situation.
How a person manifests this idealization is determined by the peculiarities of his character, upbringing and many other factors. One can loudly and unapologetically accuse other people that they robbed the whole country and left it to the beggars. Another will be the same idea to quietly pour alcohol in the company of other dissatisfied and offended people. The third will silently eat themselves for not being able to earn enough money and provide for themselves or family.

In general, there are many options for the external manifestation of this idealization. What unites them is that a person is actively dissatisfied with the existing state of affairs in the sphere of his material well-being. That is, he does not accept the world as it is at the moment (and in which he has little money). And this is dissatisfaction with the world ruled by the Creator, that is sin.
And sins, as we have already told, tend to accumulate. The reasons you find for it - whether you blame yourself or other people - does not really matter.

As the "vessel of karma" is filled with negative experiences, "educational" processes aimed at destroying your idea that you have too little money will increase. Unfortunately, they are always held in the same way - what you had yesterday and were dissatisfied with life (salary, car, cottage, etc.) is taken away. And today, when you don't have it, you have to realize how good it was yesterday. And since yesterday was good, so why were you so worried? In any case, it seems to us that this is how the Higher Powers think, when conduct "educational" processes to destroy ideas that are excessively important to us.

EXAMPLE: If your "karma vessel" is filled with 30-40 percent (usually as young people are) and you are very concerned about your level of material security, then most likely you will find a high-paying job. And if you find, it will be for a short term, or you will not get money - either the firm will go bankrupt, or it will have some trouble and it will stop paying the promised money to you. You will look for another place, but the situation will repeat itself there, etc. And until a person understands his karmic situation and stops worrying about what is happening to him, the situation will not improve.

EXAMPLE: If the "vessel of karma" is filled with worries about more money, 70-80 percent, then finding any job will have big problems, regardless of your qualifications, energy, connections, etc, that is something that is unacceptable to you.

EXAMPLE: If you fill your vessel with your experience even more (percent up to 90 percent), you're probably not going to be in good health.