The practice of the four elements to receive astral energy from the environment.
There's a lot of energy around us. In addition to the fact that we can use the energy of streams and breathe prana, we can use the energy of the surrounding space and transform it into ourselves. Energy astral vibes, elementals they are everywhere. In the air, in the water, in the ground, in the fire. Starting today, you can try the initial techniques of elemental magic - collecting energy from four elements, four elements.
But before practice, remember - Elementals are influenced by thought. They go where they are attracted by mental energy.
Let's start with the air. There is a lot of energy in the air. It is an ocean of energy stretching from earth to sky. But he also has quality. The air that stagnates in the rooms for practice is not suitable for us. It is best to work with clean air in nature, in the park, in the country or on the coast of the sea, lakes.
The practice of "Breath of the Wind"
Performed standing in an open area. Stand up free. Take a couple of deep breaths. Chill out. Imagine how much energy is in the airspace surrounding you. Imagine air elementals, small energy particles flying freely through the air. Activate your consciousness, create in your mental sphere - the energy call of these elementals. You need to create an intention that will disperse mental waves into the surrounding space and call the elementals of the air. Once the elementals respond, they will be attracted to your biofield, collect them, inhale them with their astral body. Let them enter the pores of your skin, envelop you, fill your body. Collect them as much as you need for saturation.
Feel this element. Feel this smoothness, the freedom that every elemental air conveys to you. The element of air is special, remember this feeling, fix it in your memory.
The practice of "Breath of Flame"
Breathing Flame is a practice with the element of fire. To do this, you need to fire a candle, a fire or a fireplace. At home, the best way to fire a candle.
Take a candle, light it. For a few minutes, just look at the fire. Feel it mentally, feel its energy, which the flame releases from the candle. Focus on how millions of fire elementals are released from matter, sparkling, glowing and rising upwards, mixing with air. Feel their lives. Create a mental call of elementals of fire, call them to yourself and collect them in your body, accumulate. Assimilate them in your astral body. Feel the warmth that comes from them, how they awaken in you activity, readiness for action, awaken willpower. Collect as many elementals as you need. Be aware of this quality of fire, remember the essence of elementals - activity and warmth. energy in its purest form.
The practice of "Breath of Stone"
This practice is connected with the earth's element. Or rather, it would be said with dense matter. In this case, we will strive to fill ourselves with the quality of hardness, density of matter. (The element of the Earth can manifest itself in the same way as fertility, but in combination with other elements) So. For this practice you will need either a good dense stone, a mineral - like a crystal quartz, granite or marble. The most effective, of course, will work with a ledge of a rock, or a large boulder. Surely there are such in parks, on hills, on the coast or who have a thread in the vicinity of the cottage.
Choosing a place and a stone, follow the practice of standing up. Put your hand on the stone and establish a mental connection with the stone. Let the streams of your thoughts impregnate the stone, study its condition. Feel the mental structure and density of the thought. Realize the power of this centuries-old entity, it is hundreds of thousands of years, and maybe even millions. Feel this hardness and timelessness. Create a mental call, call the elementals of the earth to yourself. Feel how the incoming flow of elementals of the earth through your hand fills you with firmness, confidence, steadfastness and calmness. Indestructible calmness. You will feel like a stone man. Hardness and calmness is the quality of the Earth's element. remember it in your consciousness.
The practice of "Breath of Water"
This exercise is aimed at interacting with water elementals. Perhaps the most simple and easily accessible exercise. You can perform it in the bathroom, in the shower, in the pool, on the sea, on the lake, in the river, in the rain and even just opening a jet of water from a water tap. Of course, the quality of the water will be different. In clean flowing rivers, rain in nature, lakes - there water is more energetically saturated. In homes, the water is less clean, but still has large amounts of energy, especially cool. Nothing refreshing as cold water in the morning ) By the way, this practice can be performed in the same way with snow and ice.
Position ed's bathroom, or standing under a shower or extending your hand to a jet of water from under the tap, focus on the flow of water. Activate the concentration of your consciousness and get implanted in the water. Feel this fluidity, smoothness, lack of limited form, this softness that carries water. Create a mental call for the elementals of water and let them penetrate into your body, imbue you with their energy. You will feel them sliding on your astral body, feel how lightness, fluidity, smoothness penetrate into you. Elementalwater wash away negative layers, free you from the experience, you collect in yourself only clean, fresh. The water is very relaxing. Remember this quality of water elementals, smoothness, relaxation, carefree state.
You can use all these spontaneous practices anytime you want.
Women need the energy of yang - the male heat that they can get from the flame of fire.
Men need the tenderness of women, the energy of the yin, which they can get from water - the water is gentle, caring.
When you want freedom and permissiveness, use the air.
When you need support and lack firmness in making a decision, you doubt something - use stones. Maybe you even choose your stone or rock, where you will think about life once a month or more often and make the most important decisions.