How to protect relationships from black magic?
Love is not always just something beautiful and bright. Often mutual feelings between two beautiful people become the subject of black envy. Not every woman will be happy that the heart of a promising young man is already occupied by another young lady. Not all women are able to come to terms with the fact that their girlfriends get married earlier than themselves. Unfortunately, not all and not always sincerely rejoice for the happiness of others. And some are even willing to do much to destroy the wonderful relationships of other people. Why? Of envy, of jealousy, of one's own anger, and for many other reasons.
It's a shame if someone destroys the love of two with the help of different intrigues. But, even worse, if a fragile tender feeling crumbles due to the influence of dark magical forces. How to protect the relationship from the effects of black spells? Very simple, you need to apply a plot from witchcraft. After all, magic, witchcraft and conspiracies are not always used with negative intent. There are many protective rituals that are used to protect your love and loved ones from dark energy.
Since the conversation has come up on this topic, I will immediately offer you a simple rite of protection from the evil eye and spoilage, which you can apply yourself. Of course, this protective effect will be weaker than the professional one set by the magician, but it still will not hurt. Carry out a ritual of protection against corruption when the moon grows. You will need an ordinary white candle, which can be bought at a hardware store. Protection against corruption and evil eye

Corruption in relationships can be aimed at the collapse of the family, the weaning of love, sexual cravings, the destruction of understanding between spouses and children. Damage to relationships can be in the form of a crown of celibacy or a seal of loneliness, which not only breaks up the family, but also does not allow the creation of country relations in the future. Such damage very often affects not only the object of influence, but also is transmitted by genus, i.e. inherited by children. Knowing what threats exist, you can understand why they often resort to the magical defense of relations, which they do not when the trouble has already happened, but they set it in advance in order to relieve themselves of possible similar problems.
Buy a gold pin at the jeweler. At today's prices, a simple gold pin costs about 600-800 UAH. Agree, the price is not very high for protection against damage. In addition, the pin will serve as a good decoration that, by the way, can be worn by both a woman and a man. If you make protection from damage with a pin yourself, give this pin to your beloved, he will wear it and will be protected without suspecting it. The ritual must be carried out at night, when everyone is already sound asleep, and no one can interfere with you. Put a candle in front of you, light it from a match.
Between yourself and the candles, put a photo of the person you want to protect from damage and the evil eye. And put a pin on the photo, but so that it would obscure the face, although it touched the image of a person. The pin should be open. Now you need to try to relax, let go of your thoughts and imagine that the person you want to protect from damage is surrounded by a uniform but strong light. You can achieve this visualization faster if you first look closely at the candle flame and then look at the photo.

Imagine and expand this visual image, try to be strong, nourish it with the power of your care and love. When this happens, say the words of the conspiracy, which will consolidate the desired effect: "I (your name) lit this candle, lit it with my hand, I woke up the power of fire. The fire in the night burns, flames clearly All evil, corruption and evil eye with (name) burns. Fire, give protection from corruption and the evil eye, from the enemy and friend, On any day and hour, minute and second, in heat and blizzard.

Always and Forever. Let it be so". Now take the pin and close it by saying the words: "As I close the pin, So I protect the protection from evil, spoilage and the evil eye to you (name). Let it be so". You can give a pin to the person you want to help. In the same way, protect yourself from damage and evil eye. The ritual can be performed as many times as you like for different people. You can update the effect already done by making the ritual of protection against damage to the pin again. Before the second ritual, clean the already used pin with salt water - put its capacity overnight