Rituals with water to relieve aggression, anxiety and irritability.
A few examples of removing aggressive behavior. It can also help with hysterical states of relatives, if someone swears constantly or is in a state of anxiety. You can do such rituals for yourself, if there is incomprehensible anxiety, irritability, sleep disturbances.

On a clear, stellar night, read a special conspiracy over the water, which then wash the patient or let him drink this water. The words of the conspiracy are:
"Water, you water, you wash and flush,
Everywhere you, water, you go:
In the lake and in the river, in the ocean and in the bucket.
If you're a slave of God
From screaming and anger, from the rude word,
From vain tears,
From a thousand dooms people angry.
If he didn't suffer, he wouldn't scream.
His anger cooled, the anger of the goof,
With his exuberant head, slab, splints.
Be you, my words are strong,
Be you, my words, sculpting."
Let it be so (or your castle)!"

From nerve breakdowns
If the wife or mother, or someone else suffers from scandals of psychos and asks for help, then wet the water-filled shirts of a nervous person, talk and hang to dry on the street, and when it dries, let put on, to be humble.
The sentence is:
The river does not float, the star does not shine, the moon does not sway,
slave (name) is not eaten. He doesn't grumble, he doesn't scream, he doesn'!.!.! doesn't wave. His soul rests, he does not know malice. Sleep sleep
In the doorway, in the windows, in the walls, sleep quietly, there is no ugly and crazy.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Talk anger
To speak in anger, three days in a row read conspiracy words over food or drink.
"In a dark forest, in a black terem sits an old-grandfather.
It's wearing a black cartouche,
Black belt and black zipun,
On black dry legs black samens,
There is a black sharp axe in his right black hand.
He cuts, cuts all the evil thoughts:
Mournful, ancestral, sworn, interior,
Heart and brain,
Secret, jinxed.
It's all over God's day:
At the evening and morning dawn,
On the middle of the day and on the wind, -
For every thought, for the act,
On the devil's will, on his will.
For all twenty-four hours,
For the day, daily, minutes minutes.
And some evil here was not named, did not lead,
All the steel of the black axe was searched.
For now, forever, indefinitely.
Let it be so (or your castle)!"
It is important: the rite is held on the waning moon, so that anger subsides, not arrives.
The ritual of Mstislav. A rite of passage for the reconciliation of the daughter-in-law with her mother-in-law.
It is written that for mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, in principle there is no direct reference to such family members, you can just wash the floor, for peace in the house.
So that the mother-in-law did not attack her daughter-in-law, did not quibble, you can do so. Take water in three places on the last day of the month. On this water to say:
"Rivers, waters noisy!
Of the three buckets,
of the three lakes,
of three creeks,
of the three rivers,
of the three oceans,
of the three marshes,
of the three fountains,
of three pipes,
of three puddles,
of three glasses,
of three spoons on my pores.
Wash the water from it all evil,
every scandal, every attack:
gossip, conversations, unnecessary strife, various reservations.
Rivers roaring, streams rattling,
ban quarreling and making noise, knocking,
screaming woman (mother-in-law's name).
Let it be so!"
This water-lined wash the floor in the whole apartment.