Salt and Magic
You can carr out a large number of ritualsy, using salt. It is a white matter with a long-standing temporary personification of eternity, wisdom. In order to protect yourself or your home, you need to be able to capture envious, evil spirits and spoilage. The product has a special quality to absorb, store and transmit information, due to its crystalline structure.

Spelles charge salt crystals with specific streams of information. Usually rituals using this tool are simple, do not require special skills and magical attributes. They can be carried out independently at home, without the help of specialists.

Effective rituals
Rituals are diverse, can be used in many areas of life. The most popular magic rites are: conspiracy to salt for love; conspiracy to salt from enemies; conspiracy to trade with salt; conspiracy to salt for money; conspiracy to succeed; conspiracy to salt from spoilage; to protect against damage, evil eye, envy, slander. There are also special rituals that are used in dark magic - for quarrels and lapels.

For money
Settle debts in the shortest possible time using magic Rituals of salt for money will help to pay off debts for a short time, find the desired job, and make sure that the earned money does not leak through your fingers, but lingers in the house for a long time. A ritual of profit is carried out during the new moon. You need a new pack of salt, they buy it the day before. Open the pack, put on the windowsill, saying:
"As the young moon grows, how it fills with strength, so let my salt fill with positive energy. As the moon grows every hour, so let my pockets and wallet fill with money and gold. Yes, I will not just be rich, so that there is no money. Amen". Let the open pack stand until the morning on the windowsill. Then salt the food. When the product is completely used up, repeat the ceremony.

For health
Health ceremonies with salt are very effective.
During the new moon, strong magical actions are also carried out in order to recover from ailments as soon as possible, in order to strengthen the body's defenses. Wet the salt in a spoon, take it in the palm of your hand, squeeze, then rubbing it in the palms of your hands, read these words: "Salt is white, pure, you have always been so, eat and will be. So here are my ailments, ailments, pains, let me leave me forever. And my slander will come true magical, healing, secret. I'll close the treasured words with a key; nobody will ever be able to open them. Amen".
After reading the text, wash your hands thoroughly under running water. This is an effective rite that allows you to quickly get rid of various diseases, helps in the treatment of even serious diseases. But you also need to remember that treatment with medications prescribed by specialists is mandatory. Such magical actions are only a complement to the general treatment. This conspiracy to salt, for good luck in health should be pronounced from a pure heart.

For love
A love plot reads on a handful of salt
The key goal of this rite is to incite reciprocal passion and love feelings of a member of the opposite sex. A magical effect is carried out at midnight, during the growing month. Read love spells on a handful of salt: "White, pure salt!" Become my assistant in affairs of love. Help me arouse love feelings in the heart of my beloved (name). Let him ignite an unearthly passion, strong love for me, may these feelings be strong and strong, will he not live without me, let him begin to yearn and miss me, will look only at me. I will invoke strong love, I will call forth an answer, may it be so forever and ever. And my slander will come true, wait for you, my love! Amen".
Put this salt in a bag or in any container, add to the chosen one's food. If there is no way to salt the beloved's food, you can pour it on the threshold of the narrowed one, while saying: "May what I have said come true in the daylight, on a good day."

From distruction and evil eye
For the ritual from corruption and evil eye, you must first take care of the presence of a candle How to remove spoilage with salt? To remove evil eye damage and other negative magical effects, the following rite is performed. To remove spoilage and evil eye with salt, actions are taken when the sun sets over the horizon.
Take a small plate or platter, pour a tablespoon of the product into it. Sit at the table, put a plate in front of you, light a candle. Hands grasp the saucer, peer into the flame of a candle, say: "The wind is evil, violent and powerful. Dispel, ham, evil spell, slander, evil eye and damage. Take them with you far into the dense forests, to deep swamps, let them be washed off by quick water. Yes, they will burn under a clear sun. They will leave me not for a day, but forever and ever. Amen".

This conspiracy to salt is a return of corruption to the one who made it, so the consequences for the offender will be immediately after the ritual begins. Wrap the charmed mixture in a paper bag, let it be in your bedroom for three days. These days, crystals will absorb all the negativity directed against you. Three days later, take a bag, carry it as far away from home as possible, bury it in the ground or throw it in water From enemies A magical action requires a clean handkerchief. Take a pinch of salt, speak with these words:

"I speak softly, whispering, I'm doing everything. My foe will not annoy me, will not bring slander and evil eye on me, corruption, slander. I'm no longer afraid of his treachery, anger, envy, meanness, intrigues. And it will always be so. Not a single sorcerer or magician will destroy my words. Amen". Wrap the loose white mass in a clean handkerchief, let it always be there. It is better to sew it in a purse or in a secret pocket on clothes.

For Good luck
A ritual of luck will help you always achieve your goals. A magical rite is performed on Sunday. It is better to do it at noon as follows. Take a small cotton bag, pour two tablespoons of salt into it. Hold this pouch in front and read:
"Let the grief go far from me. Never comes back. They bypass sadness, excitement, anxiety, grief and misfortune. Neither I, nor my relatives, relatives, or relatives will have them. No sorcerer or magician can break my strong words. A simple person cannot break them. Our destinies are not subject to anyone, luck is and will be. We are waiting for success, we call into our lives. Amen". It is recommended to take a cotton bag This bag will help prevent everything evil in life, help fight an evil person, and will become an assistant in all matters and undertakings. Put it under the pillow. No one should know about this secret magical talisman.

Thursday salt
A plot of Thursday's salt allows you to make such a tool that will become an excellent defender of the house, family and yard. It is being prepared on Clean Thursday before Easter. In the church or in the temple, you can also take such salt, already spellbound. You can also cook it yourself at home. To do this, get up early in the morning, with the first rays of the sun, pour it into a rag bag, and then put it on a hot pan or on a baking sheet in the oven. While the means will be roasted, read the prayer to our Father. Such a tool can be used in many magical rites, used from evil people to remove evil eye damage, from evil eye damage at home, from various ailments.

Quaternary salt can be used in so many magic rituals

For trade
A conspiracy on good trade will help not only from competitors in trade, but also in order to get good profits and achieve good business success. A successful conspiracy is carried out to successfully trade with a linen bag of salt. Slander him: "I will charge you for good luck, for success for trading, I will ask the moon, the sun and the wind to become my faithful helpers. Send me a buyer of the rich, the generous and the accommodating, and not the poor, mean and malicious. Let the trade work out daily with me, the money is accumulating, the buyers are adding. And it will come true that I have spoken in the daylight, with bright thoughts and pure thoughts. Amen". Let the bag be constantly nearby. If you work in a store or kiosk, take it and hide it in the workplace. Such a conspiracy to trade in salt will be an excellent assistant in business and work. It should only be controlled so that no one sees the treasured sac, does not find it.

To end a relationship
A conspiracy on a collar will not leave a chance for a mistress
Such a variant of the ritual can be carried out on the husband's mistress, on the rival, without leaving the woman who has the chance to take her husband away from you. After you read the magic words from your mistress to the salt, your loved one will return to you. To hold the lapel on the salt, you will need a small bag, it is better to take a cotton one. Pour into it two handfuls of salt, then read the plot for a quarrel: "I pour salt, I will quarrel the servant of God (name of the husband) with the servant of God (name of the rival). May you never again have mercy, admire, live, plans to build, raise children and nurse grandchildren.Let you together only be sad, cramped, sad, shaky, evil, hateful. Yes, you will begin to swear, quickly part, you will not be able to meet again. When this crescent affects the salt, my husband will return to me, and forget about his chill forever. And no one can remove these words and destroy these words. I will sprinkle your threshold with the enchanted pure and white salt, so that my dear could no longer cross it. Amen". After the conspiracy has been read, put salt on the threshold of the mistress. You can also toss a bag right into her apartment, if there is such an opportunity (so the ritual will work even faster).
After the ritual, salt should be poured out on the threshold of the mistress