Soul Lessons
Sitting at the round table, the souls chose their next lesson. There was a brave and strong soul:
"This time I'm going to Earth to learn to forgive. Who's going to help me with that?
Souls spoke with sympathy and even a little frightened:
"This is one of the most difficult lessons... You can't cope in one life... You will suffer so much... We feel so sorry for you... But we love you and will help you...
One soul said, "I am ready to be there for you on Earth and to help you. I will be your husband, in our family life many problems will be my fault, and you will learn to forgive me."
The second soul sighed, "And I can become one of your parents, provide you with a difficult childhood, then interfere with your life and interfere with your affairs, and you will learn to forgive me."
The third soul said, "I will be one of your superiors, and I will often treat you unfairly and arrogantly so that you can learn to feel sorry."
Several more souls agreed to meet with her at different times to consolidate the lesson.
So, each soul chose its lesson, they distributed the roles, thought through an interconnected plan of life, where they will teach each other and instruct each other, and went down to the earth for incarnation.
But such is the peculiarity of teaching souls that at birth their memory is cleansed. And only some guess that many events are not accidental, and each person appears in our lives just when we most need the lesson that he brings with him ... Good luck with learning the lessons of life