Spoilage for madness

Make a volt from meat or liver and give it a name according to all rules. I recommend either cutting out a piece from a not too thick, frozen and slightly thawed piece of meat or liver. This can be done either simply with a sharp knife or with a cookie cutter "gingerbread man". You can simply roll a thin piece of meat into a roll. Then carry the volt to the intersection, and there you slander:

"Little devils - my brothers, I call on you,
And entrust you with work.

You, devils, go into nightdreams of (NAME),
Fill her/his brain with sticky nightly fear,

Arrise from the darkenss as terrible monsters,
And every night scare her/him to death with your dark shadows.

Go into dreams of (NAME) as a dark nightmares,
Make (NAME) shake from the horror,

Terrify (NAME), increase her/his fear,
Make her/him screem like crazy.

As shadows of nightmares hug her/him,
Fill (NAME) her/him with poison of madness.

Get her/him rush about in frenzy
And prevent from waking from the nightmare.

Once you, my little brothers, get down to work,
My words for (NAME) will come true. "

Leave the volt at the crossroads, together with the presents for devils.