The guests we are waiting and not so much
If you are waiting for the arrival of a person, and he is in no hurry to appear in your house, stick a pin on top of the broom handle and put a broom at the front door. This simple witchcraft will make the laggard hurry.

If your relatives or acquaintances were invited to lived a little in your house, but then forgot about decency and for a long time are not going to leave it, and you are uncomfortable to remind them, you need to smoke all the rooms of your apartment with smoke smouldering Chicory. In addition, under their beds open an infusion made of thistle. A stronger remedy would be spraying of the infusion on their sheets.

To make the unwanted guest forget the way to your house, after his departure, sprinkle powder made of cloves, bay leaves and garlic leaves. If that doesn't help, and he'll come back to visit you, throw a pinch of powder at each of his shoes.

To avoid unwanted visitors, pour powder made from dry grass of wild primrose on the doorstep of your house. Don't forget to sweep away the rest of the powder with a broom when, after a few days, you're ready to welcome your guests again.

Wanting to avoid unnecessary meetings, clarifying relationships and unpleasant conversations, wipe the handle of the front door to your house with juice squeezed from the odorous leaves of geraniums. You can do this with the leaves themselves, pressing them hard against the wiped surfaces.